About Me

Hey, guys! Welcome to my little space in the internet. My name is Julian Guillermo Ortiz Rivera and I’m nineteen years old. I was born and raised in Ponce, Puerto Rico. I consider myself to be an outgoing, funny, responsible guy with an easy going attitude towards life. I’m a constant debater and I love to challenge myself. During my spare time, I like to watch TV series and hang out with friends. I like to eat a lot, especially green apples, sunflower seeds and chocolate, and lots of it. Even though I admire the spontaneity of life, I tend to plan ahead everything I do – unconsciously, though. For example, I’m the kind of person that can spend hours thinking on which classes to take next semester or browsing through hundreds of pages before deciding whether to buy or not. I believe that, because we can only live once, it is our responsibility to make the best out of the years we’re entitled to live. I’m a Civil Engineering major with hopes of double majoring in Chemical Engineering. I love chemistry, I have a love-hate relationship with math – mostly love, yet hate still pours out from time to time – and I also love economics – crazy right? My real goal, however, is to pursue a Master’s degree in Energy Economics and Engineering in order to become an Energy Engineer. I also wish to earn my Ph.D. someday, whether it is in chemistry, economics or engineering. I tend to change my mind a lot, especially when it comes to my future studies – not really sure why, though – but I’ve always thought of it as a good thing and I’m confident that, when the time comes, I’ll know exactly what to do. This is only a little bit about me, stick around and I’m sure you’ll get to know me better.


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