Journal 14: Cotto vs. Margarito II
December 8, 2011, 1:29 am
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I like sports. I don’t know how to play them, though. Basketball is my all-time favorite sport; however, recently, I’ve started watching a lot of boxing. I like the sport’s intensity and complexity and the fact that it only takes one punch to change the outcome of the bout.

Last Saturday, Puerto Rican Miguel Cotto fought Antonio Margarito, a hard nose Mexican, for the second time. During their first bout, which occurred in 2008, Margarito defeated Cotto by means of a technical knockout in the eleventh round. That night Margarito handed out Cotto his first professional boxing loss. A year later, Margarito was scheduled to fight Shane Mosley, one of boxing’s biggest names. Before the bout, however, a pair of loaded hand wraps was confiscated from Margarito’s locker room. It was determined that Margarito intended to use them as an advantage in the fight with Mosley. However, the administration allowed the fight to go on. The outcome: Mosley knocked out Margarito easily. A couple of weeks later, Margarito was suspended for a whole year and he was forbidden from fighting anywhere in the US.

The question, however, was why Margarito had loaded hand wraps in his locker room? Did he always fight with these wraps on? Did Margarito use the same illegal hand wraps in the Cotto fight? To answer any doubts, Cotto and Margarito fought a second time. The outcome of the fight was very different, however: Cotto knocked out Margarito in the tenth round.

As a fan of the sport, I’m glad Cotto got to avenge his first professional loss. Whether Margarito used illegal wraps in the first bout or not will always remain a mystery, though Cotto’s face looked a lot different in the second fight. Maybe Cotto was much better trained this time or maybe Margarito didn’t work enough for this rematch. Suspicion, that’s all we get.


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