Journal 8: New assignation of federal funds for Puerto Rican schools
October 17, 2011, 7:42 pm
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The Federal Secretary of Education, Arne Duncan, visited Puerto Rico recently and dialogued with the governor of our island, Luis Fortuño. The issue discussed was the assignation of more federal funds for Puerto Rican schools. Duncan recognized that, even though the Puerto Rican public school system has improved slightly, the system should be incentivized in order to solve an ongoing issue for the past decades: dropouts. Is this move going to positively affect the status of education in Puerto Rico?

From an economic stand point, this move is positive for both sides. The US Government is definitely in financial trouble and, according to Keynesian economics; spending money is the most effective way to push the economy. How so? Assigning money to education programs creates new jobs. These new employees spend money on goods they wouldn’t have bought if they didn’t have a job, therefore the economy increases. So according to economic principles, this is a great idea. However, I believe this idea to be a risky one because they’re spending the money in Puerto Rico. The Puerto Rican Department of Education has the tendency to misuse federal funds. If this stimulus is not spend correctly or in other words, if this money “disappears” – like happened when Victor Fajardo was the director of the department –, the consequences could be devastating for both, the United States and Puerto Rico.

This is a thing of faith. I love Puerto Rico but the people in charge of my island are mostly incompetent. I believe this to be another political hoax by our governor, being 2011 the year before the election year, 2012. I hope I’m wrong because, if I am, the net effect of this assignment could be hundreds of new jobs, better technology in our schools, better school materials, better books for our children, better classroom environments… sounds too good to be true right?



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