Journal 1: My reaction to Glenn Beck’s comments on the H.R. 2499: The Puerto Rico Democracy Act
August 25, 2011, 12:48 am
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After reading Julito Varela’s blog post about why Puerto Rico will never be the 51st state, I decided to react, not directly to his post, but to the videos it included. Glenn Beck, one of FOX News anchors, was present in the three videos telling the American community – and the millions of paid subscribers worldwide – why Puerto Rico shouldn’t become the 51st state. What caught my attention wasn’t necessarily Glenn Beck’s Puerto Rican politics expertise; moreover what really caught my eye was the way in which he talked about the Puerto Rican community and our culture. Before I go into detail about this Beck guy, I want to give some info on what the problem is.

The Puerto Rico Democracy Act was a non-bidding bill – non-bidding means that it won’t become law; it is more of a general opinion on the issue – that intended to get Puerto Rico another opportunity to decide on their political status. The motion was approved in the House of Representatives yet it was turned down by the U.S. Senate with a sine die adjournment – without assigning a day for a future meaning to address the subject. Therefore the H.R. 2499 resolution died and the status of Puerto Rico remained the same. This leaves us Puerto Ricans stranded in the middle of nowhere.

Glenn Beck, on his radio program and on his TV show, talked at his largest about the Puerto Rico Democracy Act and why it should be turned down. He is argument was that America had more important things to care about and both Democrats and Republicans should vote it down because they were misinformed and unconscious of what was really going on.

Maybe Glenn Beck was right; maybe Americans have smarter things to care about than the situation of a whole country or state or whatever they feel Puerto Rico is. However, maybe Glenn Beck is just another ignorant head that believes that investing time in Puerto Rico is a waste of time. Personally, I want to see Puerto Rico free; however, I believe that association with the United States, mutual rights association – not what they’ve sold us for years, that thing of services for our kids in exchange for lives in war –, is beneficial for both parties. I also believe that while we have people like Glenn Beck in front of the media, uninformed, uninterested, and unappreciative of our rights and culture, we will never escape our “status quo”. The commonwealth of Puerto Rico will exist while people like him do. In the meantime, I’ll enjoy the wonders and the beauty of my little island because for me, Puerto Rico is worth investing time into.




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It is interesting how “Americans” (The people living in the United States does not own the hole continent) think about the waste of time Puerto Ricans are. As a fact Puerto Rico invest more man power in what the US cares the most, WAR, then most of the States in the country(one of my High School books had it position in the first 20 states).

On the other hand, my opinion on the attitude of Puerto Ricans is that people are way to used to be maintained, and there are way to lazy people in this country to actually make it independent right now. The first thing we need is a change in the persons ignorance and attitude, then we can talk about independence.

I liked your article you should post the link to the news video.

Comment by comp3010

I don’t think all Americans think like Glenn Beck. I believe he is one of the individuals who is completely unaware of the situation we, Puerto Ricans, live in. I completely agree with you: we need a change of attitude. However, this doesn’t come easy. We, as a group, as Puerto Ricans, have to develop a sense of pride, the same sense of pride we have when we see Culson getting a silver medal. The day we become proud of what we are as a culture, we’ll be able to confront the metropolis and demand our rights as a free country.

P.S. I updated the post and added a link to the article. If you scroll down the article, you’ll find all the videos.

Comment by youstandundermeifyoudontunderstandme

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